LGBTQIA+ community demands justice for Junjie Bangkiao and Ebeng Mayor

Photo by Altermidya Network

“We are more than just death statistics.”


Seeking justice for two slain transgender people, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, allies and other progressive groups held a protest in front of the House of Representatives this morning, May 25.

Transmasculine Ebeng Mayor, a resident of Batasan Hills in Quezon City, was found dead May 20 with evidence of brutality, mutilation and rape after being reported missing for three days.

On the same day, the body of transwoman Junjie Bangkiao was also found in the middle of the cemetery in Alangalang, Leyte.

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In her Twitter account, Bahaghari Spokesperson Rey Valmores-Salinas called for a stop to the killings of transgender people and to pass the SOGIE Equality Bill.

The SOGIE Equality Bill aims to prohibit gender-based discrimination including the refusal of admittance to an educational institution and harassment, restriction or denial of access to public services. The bill has been pending in Congress for almost two decades.

“We are more than just death statistics. We are your children, your siblings, your friends, your family. We are your fellow Filipinos, who deserve love, kindness, justice, and dignity. We are human. And we will not be erased,” Salinas said.

Photo by Altermidya Network


Photo by Bahaghari


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