LGBTQIA+ community calls for #JusticeForEbengMayor

Junjie Bangkiao and Ebeng Mayor are but two of the too many Filipino LGBTQIA+ community members who were victims of hate crimes in the country.


The LGBT community and its allies took to Twitter to press justice for the rape-slay of Ebeng Mayor.

On May 20, 2021, transmasculine Ebeng Mayor, a resident of Batasan Hills, QC, was found dead with evidence of brutality, mutilation and rape after being reported missing for 3 days. Ebeng’s body was bloodied, bruised, with legs sprawled with a wooden stick impaled into their genitals.

In a separate incident, the body of Junjie Bangkiao, a transwoman, was also found in the middle of the cemetery in Alangalang, Leyte.

In a statement, LGBTQIA+ group Bahaghari highlighted that they cannot allow to persist this culture of impunity that has long hounded members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“As we seek justice for Ebeng, we also demand accountability from the current administration, headed by President Rodrigo Duterte, that has unwaveringly perpetuated the culture of violence against the LGBT+. We have not forgotten the scheming, flip-flopping position of Duterte on the SOGIE Equality Bill that has languished for 21 years in Congress, his military lockdowns that have further enabled authorities to arrest, abuse, and sexually violate members of the LGBT+ community.” the group added.

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In a conversation with Bahaghari, Ebeng’s family and friends confirmed that there were three perpetrators in the brutal rape-slay of Ebeng. One of them, supposedly Ebeng’s friend, is now behind bars.

According to Bahaghari, the first of the perpetrators, now jailed, confessed to the rape-slay. Ebeng’s face was brutally smashed with a rock.

The three suspects have been arrested and formally charged by the prosecutor’s office. They were charged with rape with homicide and robbery

The never-ending struggle of Filipino LGBTQIA community

Junjie Bangkiao and Ebeng Mayor are but two of the too many Filipino LGBTQIA+ community members who were victims of hate crimes in the country.

According to a statement, Metro Manila Pride highlighted that the data don’t lie.

“The Trans Murder Monitoring report of Transgender Europe has recorded at least 58 transgender persons have been killed in the Philippines from 2008 to September 2020.” the group said.

This, they said does not include how the government tolerated the murder of transwoman Jennifer Laude, denying her justice when they released her convicted killer, Joseph Scott Pemberton, by granting him presidential pardon.

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Because of this climate of indifference and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community, advocates are calling all who identify with any of the LGBTQIA+ gender spectrum to stand in defense of their rights and to push for the passing of the SOGIE equality bill.  (

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