HEAD: “The AFP has nothing on the 43!”

Media Release
28 March 2010

Contrary to their claims of A1 intelligence information, the Armed Forces of the Philippines actually have no evidence on the 43 health workers, not before and not even after their illegal raid and arrests.

According to Health Alliance for Democracy, the statements made by the military officers as well as the military spokespersons are unraveling their web of lies.

“The AFP is grasping at straws,” declared Dr. Darby Santiago, Chairperson of HEAD. “Their dependence on the five so-called ‘state witnesses’ to bolster their accusations against the 43 illegally detained health workers reveals how little the AFP actually has in terms of any real evidence.”

The health group believes that the five health workers were coerced and tortured to provide testimonies that will incriminate their fellow detainees.

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“It is the height of irony that the military has to torture people to confess that they are not being tortured,” added Dr. Santiago.

The finger pointing between the AFP and the Philippine National Police as to who led the February 6 raid in Morong, Rizal has also exposed the fact that the AFP has nothing they can use against the 43.

“Their insistence on the validity of their raid and their planted evidence based on a dubious warrant is making a mockery of the PNP. The police are made to look like they do not even know how to do their own jobs!”

“Compared to the 43 health workers who were not doing anything illegal or criminal when they were arbitrarily arrested, the military has consistently violated every aspect of due process from day one.”

The AFP has also earlier defied both the Court of Appeals and the Commission on Human Rights, in contrast to the families and relatives of the 43 who have patiently pursued every legal remedy available.

“If ours is a nation of laws not men, then it should be the AFP, not the 43 health workers, who must face the consequences of their actions!” concluded Dr. Santiago.

Dr. Geneve E. Rivera, Secretary-General, HEAD
Dr. Darby S. Santiago, Chairman, HEAD

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