Category: Press Releases and Statements

STATEMENT | On USec. Paul Gutierrez’s Red-tagging of Journalist Frenchie Mae Cumpio

This is exactly what we mean by red-tagging: a senior government official linking civilians to alleged communist groups without proof. May we remind Mr. Gutierrez that Ms. Cumpio is contesting the charges filed against her in court and has yet to be convicted. There is absolutely no point for anyone, more so a high government official, to forget that “everyone is innocent until proven in a court of law.”

STATEMENT | Bulatlat reminds Philippine military of culpability in cyber-attacks and misinformation

Bulatlat maintains that these so-called “cyber security” efforts could mean online surveillance, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, “fake news” and other forms of attacks aimed to suppress freedom of the press and of expression, as well as the people’s right to information. This issue was brought to the attention of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression Irene Khan who will hold her official country visit next week.

Statement | Threats to Truth-telling, Free Expression Worsen During Marcos Jr.’s First Year in Office

President Marcos Jr. pledged to uphold press freedom. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, however, recorded 84 incidents of attacks on the media from June 30, 2022 until July 22, 2023. This number is 42 percent higher compared to the documented cases during Duterte’s first 13 months in office.

STATEMENT | Hold the Philippine Army accountable for cyberattacks against PH media websites

We condemn the Philippine Army for carrying out cyber crimes against independent media outfits. We take offense at the duplicity they have shown regarding this incident – publicly professing respect for press freedom but launching vicious digital attacks, and never cooperating with other government agencies.