Two Accomplished Women and Their Advocacies

Angel Locsin, Advocate for Women and Environment

She was voted the most beautiful Filipina of 2009. Her face adorns the billboards along Edsa. She has huge presence in both television and radio with her shows and advertisements. She has bagged various recognitions and awards for her performances.

She may be one of the brightest stars in Philippine TV and cinema, but when asked which among her accomplishments she was most proud of, Angel Locsin proudly says it is the “opportunity to influence people on issues that affect their daily lives, such as issues on poverty and concerns on the environment.”

Angel’s performances are widely applauded for the depth and intensity she exhibits in them. Her realistic portrayals, however, are not only the result of rigid workshops. She draws from her “deep and broad understanding of the realities of life which she herself bore witness to.”

Her strong affinity toward the cause of women, most especially those living in poor rural areas, and her advocacy for the protection of the environment are among the many reasons Angel participated in several of the organization’s activities and campaigns and even endorsed Gabriela in the past elections.

Sandra Araullo: Top Triathlete and Women’s Rights Advocate

The title “No.1 triathlete in the Philippines” appears when one Googles the name Sandra Araullo. She deserves such as a title, as she excels in the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, and has won several international awards such as a silver medal in the 2008 Southeast Asian Games.

Sandra’s exposure to the world of sports began at an early age. She had to overcome numerous hurdles before she achieved her current stature in Philippine sports. She took painstaking sacrifices to get where she wanted, but in the end, her achievements were worth all the things she had to go through.

One of the most difficult things Sandra had to do was balance her time between her two passions: sports and learning. Despite her rigorous training, she was able to get a degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines.

Sandra especially sympathizes with the women survivors of domestic violence and has a soft spot for children. “Women have the right to engage in activities where they feel empowered. They should not be subjected to abuse and violence,” Sandra said. (

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