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In the Philippines, a dam struggle spans generations, inspires songs of unity for the environment

By MARYA SALAMAT This is one of the reports in a series produced by with the Asia-Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Media Fellowship. The series aims to report on linkages between gender, ecological conflicts and climate change. MANILA — Two proofs stand out today showing how long and how determined the…

In peril: Southeast Asia’s environment and its defenders  (Part 2 of 2)

READ ALSO: In peril: Southeast Asia’s environment and its defenders (Part 1 of 2) By Clemente Bautista Jr. and Paul Christian Yang-ed Kalikasan has been conducting researches into the cases of killings of environmental defenders in Southeast Asia. From the data we gathered, so far, we observe the following three patterns or trends: – There…

#Elections2016 |Scientists bat for genuine science, tech development in candidates’ platform

“With the national elections, it is crucial to convey to candidates the role of science and technology in national development and progress.”
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‘Don’t force scientists into a vow of poverty’
‘We have excellent resources, people but government not helping to put our acts together’
‘Let Filipinos benefit from Filipino talent, technology’
‘People should have access to publicly funded data, utilities’

K to 12 | The rise of low-fee, private schools for profit

“To generate profits, Apec and other similar chains, employ fewer and unqualified teachers and provide facilities which do not comply to standards. What’s quite regrettable in this regard, and almost scandalous, is that the government has waived regulations that exist in the provision of education, to satisfy the business interests of Pearson and Ayala.”