Rights groups dismayed over Marcos Jr’s rejection of ICC

“What can we expect from someone who has shamelessly branded victims of human rights violations — people who have been killed, disappeared, tortured, illegally arrested and detained, among others — during his father’s dictatorial rule as greedy people who are only after money?”

Bill seeking to protect rights defenders re-filed ‘to honor those who fought and still fight for rights of fellow Filipinos’

“This bill is refiled in a new Congress, when all eyes in the international community are on the Philippines for the bloody record of the previous president Rodrigo Duterte, and those of the other past regimes, including the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.”

US Lower House amends bill prohibiting assistance to the Philippine police

Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild introduced the amendments to the NDAA, saying that “taxpayers dollars shouldn’t be used to supply weapons, training, or any other assistance to the state security forces that violently target political opponents.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat.com MANILA – The US House of Representatives passed July 14 amendments to the National…