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‘With guilty verdict of the International Peoples’ Tribunal, Marcos Jr. cannot deny rights violations in PH’

“The IPT belie Marcos Jr.’s posturing that his administration is different, that it has new ways to address the issues facing the country. But until the government changes its programs, rights violations will continue no matter how many foreign trips Marcos Jr. will do.”

Solon sues ex-president Duterte over threat to kill her

“Though factually baseless and clearly malicious, I cannot merely dismiss Respondent Duterte’s red-tagging and accompanying grave threats as either figurative, joking, or otherwise benign considering that many victims of extrajudicial killings, illegal arrest and detentions, excommunicado confinements, forced disappearances and other analogous attacks were called or labeled ‘communists,’ members or supporters of the NPA, “terrorists,” and like labels before they were attacked.”

‘Death penalty only targets the poor’ – groups

“This bloodthirsty regime fetishes death and violence, and Duterte strongly batting to reimpose death penalty is not surprising but no less infuriating — it’s as if the mass murder of the poor at the hands of the police in the sham drug war or in the hands of soldiers through the counterinsurgency program aren’t forms of death penalty already, while the rich, the regime’s most gung ho allies, and human rights violators can blatantly escape accountability without even an iota of remorse for their crimes.”