Bulatlat.com: A Product of Its Time

Since its establishment in 2001, Bulatlat has chronicled issues affecting the marginalized sectors, particularly their struggles, victories, and aspirations. The vast archives of Bulatlat spanning more than 20 years help counter negative historical revisionism, debunk disinformation, and fight all forms of tyranny. 

Through its network of dedicated readers and allies, Bulatlat remains and continues to serve as a credible source of news and information. 


To promote and uphold the alternative media tradition of the Philippine press. As such, Bulatlat shall serve as a credible and viable platform where people’s views and stands on pertinent issues affecting their future are analyzed and asserted.


To popularize the people’s struggles and aspirations and to bring issues of the grassroots to the national consciousness, as well as to advocate and contribute to the struggle for social change and the fight against tyranny. 


To achieve our vision and mission, Bulatlat acknowledges the importance of: 

  • Providing truthful and accurate news and information that can help the people in fighting truth, justice, and freedom, as well as in resisting oppression and abuse by the powers that be 
  • Achieving sustainable resource generation through diverse income streams to further increase Bulatlat’s capacity in producing in-depth reports, multimedia outputs, social media contents, to name a few, and in adapting to the fast-changing landscapes of the media, politics and technology.
  • Building and engaging communities and solidarity networks that are seeking politics of change and fighting alongside the community of press freedom advocates to advance the fight against disinformation, oppression, and tyranny.

Journalism Trust Initiative

Bulatlat is part of the network of Journalism Trust Initiative .

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