Bulatlat’s Syndication Policy

The materials on this site originally written, produced and published by Bulatlat.com can be freely reprinted or redistributed under the following conditions:

1) The material should be republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally published here. If editing is required, it should be done in a way that does not distort or change the original context of the material.

2) The author/s and Bulatlat.com should be properly credited. This means that the byline and the tagline of the article or image should not be deleted or altered.

3) The URLs in the republished material should be retained, including Bulatlat.com’s URL contained within the tagline or byline.

4) Bulatlat.com would greatly appreciate it if you can notify us of the republication or redistribution. Please email the notification to us, including the URL of the republished material by using our contact form.

4) In many instances, Bulatlat.com posts on its website materials that were sourced elsewhere, such as press releases, statements and stories syndicated for free by other publications. Please keep in mind that Bulatlat.com does not hold copyright over these materials and that this syndication policy does not cover them.  Individual copyright is retained by the author/s or publishers of materials not originally published on this website.

If you have questions or clarifications about this syndication policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. we read your syndication and would like to tell you we would like to reprint some choiced articles on our MPW news and website. Thanks.
    freddy panes

  2. i always check bulatlat for insightful views on current social issues. the regular print media do not offer much

  3. Dear Bulatlat,

    Commuter Express is a free paper distributed in LRT and MRT Lines. We have used some of your stories with proper attributions.

    thanks so much,

    Manny Marinay
    editor in chief

  4. Dear Editors,

    I would like the article on Lumad graduates to be sent to my email ad – I wanted to share the material to Phil UNDRIP Network of which Sildap is also a member. I am sure that they would be happy and interested to read this, a case of best practice in the effective implementation of the UNDRIP – UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the field of indigenous education.

    Thank you and more power.


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