Anakbayan to Palace: Stop bullying public transport workers, go after ‘predatory’ oil cartel instead

March 30, 2011

MANILA — A militant group of young workers, peasants, professionals, and students blasted the Aquino administration today for its ‘anti-poor double standards’, after the latter said it would declare any transport strikes tomorrow as ‘illegal’.

Various sectors and organizations are set to hold a nationwide protest tomorrow against oil price hikes, with transport groups in several provinces, including the entire Mindanao, holding transport strikes.

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“Whenever public transport drivers and operators protest, the government is very eager to punish them. But when it comes to oil firms’ overpricing of their products, the government is dragging its feet” said Anakbayan national chairperson Vencer Crisostomo.

“You can clearly see who’s the real boss of Noynoy Aquino. It’s not the average consumer burdened by the non-stop price and fare increases, it’s the oil cartel who’s cashing in on the misery of the consumer” said Crisostomo.

In response to the government’s threat, the youth leader said hundreds of their members nationwide will participate tomorrow to protect drivers and operators who will join the protests.

“The youths, as well as other ordinary Filipinos, fully support whatever action the public transport sector will take. Kung ipagpapatuloy ng gobyerno ang kanilang banta, kami ang makakaharap nila” he added.

Meanwhile, Crisostomo twitted Palace spokesperson Ricky Carandang for claiming the gov’t is taking steps to address the issue, saying there would be no need for a protest if the latter was true.

“What ‘steps’ are they talking about? A P3 discount that will come out of the pockets of the consumers themselves? How about the effects of oil price hikes on basic commodities such as rice, vegetables, milk, and canned goods? Have they taken any steps?” #

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