NDFP calls for military and political actions to drive out mining operations in Negros

10 May 2011

NEGROS — The Revolutionary movement in Negros will do all it can to implement the policy of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Revolutionary Government of the People for the total ban of destructive mining explorations and operations. The New People’s Army (NPA) and the revolutionary masses will launch political and military struggles to halt and drive out the on-going mining explorations and operations of Philex Mining, Philmet Exploration Corp, Essensa Mining Corp and 40 other mining companies that has pending mining rights

If the massive mining operations in the mountains of Negros Occidental in the areas of Hinobaan, Sipalay City, Cauayan, Kabankalan City, Himamaylan City, Binalbagan, Isabela and in Negros Oriental covers Basay, Ayungon, Bindoy , Tayasan, Jimalalud, La Libertad and Guihulngan that will reach a total of 40% of the total land area in the island or 80% of the total agricultural land. If this happens, Negros will be transformed into a desert and will be destroyed.

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The insatiable hunger for profits of the foreign capitalists, local big bourgeoisie comprador and landlords, Gov Alfredo Maranon Jr, and other bureaucrat official of the reactionary government has forced them to ignore the gargantuan destruction created by mining operations on the lives and properties of the people, environment and the future of the next generations. They have committed the crime of grave economic plunder and become traitors against our national patrimony and will not be forgiven by the people.

These crocodiles hoodwink and deceive the people when they say that mining operations will bring prosperity and development for the people. They are covering up the naked truth that since the start of mining operations in Sipalay and Hinobaan Negros Occidental and in Basay Negros Oriental in the 1950s created havoc and sufferings on thousands of peasants who lost their lands and many of them were victims of terroristic coercion and murder committed by the mercenary Philippine Army and security guards.

Besides these, the people suffered the destruction of their water source, pollution of rivers and streams due to mining wastes, overflow of toxic chemicals to their farmlands, landslides and sickness due to overflow of toxic water and dusts. When there was a temporary shut down of Maricalum Mining Corporation and Philex Mining, the peasants who lost their lands and work became scrap iron scavengers in order to survive, if they would be lucky not to be killed or caught by the security guards.

Based on the investigation of the NPA under the Roger Mahinay Command, a hundred scrap-iron gatherers were already murdered by security guards of Maricalum Mining Corporations. And the result of the investigation of the JB Regalado Command showed that a unit of the 11th IB PA murdered a UCCP lay minister of Lag-it, Tayasan, Negros Oriental because of his opposition to mining explorations being conducted by the Philmet Exploration Corp. The butcher 11th IB PA is again spreading lies in Central Negros that the NPA is behind the killing of the said lay minister.

The revolutionary forces would like to extend it’s appreciation and praises to the Sanggunian Panlalawigan (Provincial Council) of Negros Occidental particularly SP Dino Yulo and SP Miller Serondo who are steadfast in their demands to stop destructive mining operations and are consistent in warding off the pressures made by Governor Maranon and the mining business executives.

The NDFP is calling on the people to unite and muster their strength to launch protest actions against the profit-greedy foreign capitalists, big bourgeoisie compradors, landlords and Governor Alfredo Maranon Jr.#

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