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Progressive groups stand in solidarity with rural missionaries

“We hold on with cast-iron certainty that God is with us. God’s mission serves His most loved creatures who are on the margins of our society. Stand by us and let our God-given fighting spirit, talent and mission to serve the least of our sisters and brothers be offered back to God. We cannot but be faithful to our prophetic mission for God and His people.”

‘Loving God is loving the poor’ | RMP to continue serving marginalized communities amid relentless attacks

The sisters saw the need for medical assistance in rural communities and this led them to start community-based health programs. With the help of RMP’s partner health organizations and professionals, such as the Council for Health and Development, local community health workers in rural areas were trained to manage their own health programs, prepare herbal medicine, and teach alternative treatment like acupuncture and massage.

UN expert, international groups demand junking of charges vs Karapatan, 2 other groups

“The perjury case brought by the government may also be a form of retaliation for the human rights activities of these local human rights defenders. We have seen in recent years that many defenders have been dragged before the courts, smeared, red tagged and murdered in the Philippines. This intimidation should stop immediately.”

‘Esperon’s complaint deflects on more fundamental matters’ – Karapatan

“National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr.’s actions show that this government is indeed hell-bent on silencing its critics using the entire extent of its resources and through deliberately magnifying technicalities to veer the conversation away from the core issue of state-sponsored attacks by the Duterte government. ”