Bulatlat Live: 2012 International Women’s Day

MANILA — In the Philippines, women workers and women rights advocates commemorate the 101st International Women’s Day with a protest action. Gabriela, the country’s largest women group, spearheaded series of activities to bring to the national consciousness the plight of the women in the country.

Unabated price hikes in petroleum products and other staple products, increasing presence of the U.S. military, and the continuing oppression and exploitation of women workers are among the issues that Gabriela and other rights advocates are protesting.

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Below are photos from today’s protest actions.

Below are photos from the recent launching of the Gabriela Women’s Party’s fashion exhibit on the issues that Filipino women are confronting. According to Gabriela Rep. Luz Ilagan, the exhibit is a “perfect blend of fashion and passion.”

Follow updates from Bulatlat correspondents who will cover today’s protest action in Plaza Miranda to Mendiola, Manila.

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