Year: 2012

By ARNOLD PADILLA MANILA — In 2012, the dominant theme peddled by the Aquino administration was “good governance is good economics”. Malacañang’s hoax is that the “daang matuwid” (righteous path) has created a favorable environment for inclusive economic growth. From being the sick man of Asia, the Philippines now brims with vitality. Or so,…

By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA – Eight months have passed since Arnel Leonor, 19, of Silverio Compound in Parañaque City, was killed during the demolition of their homes. As of this writing, no justice has been served and his mother Glenda feels it is taking too long. Eight months, too, have passed since…

By MARYA SALAMAT MANILA – In 2012, the incomes of the Filipino working population shrunk further compared to the rising cost of living, their recorded productivity and, based on news reports, growing revenues of companies. Considering that 2012 precedes an election year, the Aquino government only responded to decade-long calls of organized labor for…

The following are some of college editors’ proposed 2013 New Year’s Resolution for President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, as compiled by the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) national office: More prudent spending. The government should monitor spending especially with the implementation of the Sin Tax Law. – Patrick Ong, Editor in chief of The…

Every year comes out with an analysis of the impact of the administration on the issues and concerns that affect the Filipino people. This year ender has added importance as we are approaching the midpoint of the Aquino presidency – which campaigned under the banner of change – and its policy directions have already taken shape.

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Elite governance, elite economics: When vaunted growth clashes with reality

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Next year would be the mid-point of the Aquino administration. Because it is already near its mid-point, the Filipino people could already accurately gauge the direction of the administration. Let us look at the policy directions of the Aquino presidency by enumerating the issues that emerged in 2012 and the actions…