For Filipino progressives, high time to reject IMF, World Bank neoliberal policies

“The World Bank and the IMF bear major responsibility for the widespread poverty in the Philippines through its imposition of onerous loan conditionalities and so-called development programs that resulted in higher prices, stagnant wages, union busting, cuts in social spending, higher regressive taxes, and displacement of farmers and indigenous peoples,” said Raymond Palatino, Bayan secretary general.

The WTO as a neoliberal project: Testimonies from people of the Global South

The crisis of neoliberalism has been widely discussed long before the outbreak of the COVID-19. The pandemic has even further exposed deep shortcomings in the dominant mode of global economic and political organizations reflected by the WTO. The free trade agreements brokered and promoted by the WTO have perpetuated this system of inequality between nations of the North and the South.

International community joins ‘Global Day of Action to End the US-Duterte Regime’

Several organizations in other countries have been preparing for their simultaneous, coordinated protests in front of Philippine embassies and consulates to demand the prosecution of Duterte’s crimes against humanity, and call for an end to U.S. military aid to the Philippines, among others.