Month: January 2021

SPECIAL REPORT | All eyes on Supreme Court justices as they hear petitioners vs Anti-Terror Law

Now that the schedule has been set, the focus now is on how the members of the high court would come up with a decision on these. Considering the caliber of the lawyers questioning the ATL’s validity, will they simply brush off the arguments to put a finality on the question and allow the president to do as he wills or will they listen to the arguments and seriously put the law into question?

The struggles and aspirations of Tumandok in Panay

Contrary to military claims that they were members of militia of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the slain indigenous peoples in Panay had long been asserting their right to land and life in the face of so-called development projects. In return, they had been tagged as enemies of the state and subjected to intense militarization over the years.

The people of Ecuador are fighting to recover their popular sovereignty. International solidarity will be critical to their success.

The stakes of the mission are not only national. Ecuador’s elections are a tipping point for democracy across Latin America. In the Progressive International’s first mission to La Paz, we witnessed the people of Bolivia mobilize peacefully and courageously to restore democracy to their country. After years of legal warfare and economic devastation, the people of Ecuador are now demanding the recovery of their own democratic rights.

COVID-19 filmmakers’ diaries get candid on death, despair, coffee and chaos

Watching all 16 films and trying to relate to each and every one of their stories feels like reliving all ten months of the lockdown—exhausting as if stuck in an oven, baking for a protracted amount of time until you are numb to the fire, until people are reduced to numbers of deaths and recoveries, likes and dislikes, until life shrinks into your phone or your computer. We are not dealing with just the virus but with an even bigger threat to our lives and civil liberties.