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  1. Pilipino cinema is an embarrassment to art of cinematography. Ever since as a child I never watch Pinoy shows or movies. It never improved. A waste of time. Pilipino should learn to be productive like the Japanese or Americans before they explore the entertainment industries. Also Pilipinos are only good in advertisements. Can’t even make a decent industrial grade nuts or bolts. Hardwares in in hardware stores are crappy. Constructions or carpentry is terrible. Most of the good and hardworking Pinoys are gone left are the stupid politicians and lazy government workers. Company’s CEOs are greedy just like the government. Well they’re schooled to be like that. Never work for corporations or government you will become indolent and greedy. The wealth of nations is in the production of qualitative goods and services and it’s not in shoppings malls.

  2. Pilipino cinema is an embarrassment to world of arts.

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