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Groups call for the release of detained Lumad educators

MANILA – Groups led by Save our Schools Network picketed at the Department of Justice in Manila to demand the dismissal of trumped-up charges and the release of the Lumad educators Amelia Pond and agriculturist Dominiciano Muya on Friday, Aug. 18. Pond, 64, is the regional coordinator of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Southern Mindanao…

By JM Ayuste A few days ago, I was chatting with one Agham Youth member about our organizational principles and concerns. Our conversation steered to the need to establish and instill a culture of scientific inquiry and objectivity while grounding it on the needs of the masses. Since this idea was relatively new for her,…

Like the Moro in many parts of Mindanao, evacuation has become a way of life for the Lumads . They would rather sleep in schools, at village halls or town gymnasiums than stay in their villages and bear the brunt of military operations.

The Manobos of Surigao del Sur may be back home for now, but they still face the threats of militarization – even as they also have to contend with the burden of rebuilding their ravaged homes, schools, and livelihoods. View slideshow