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‘Waste of funds,’ SONA protesters on charges filed by police

Bayan ST asserted that the QCPD is “wasting funds” through its actions. Kyle Angelo Salgado pointed out that the QCPD “had a videoke session during the SONA protest, insulting the rights of citizens to peacefully protest while wasting people’s funds.” More recently, the QCPD also “gave platform to a gun-toting ex-cop through a press conference.”

Progressives assail decision to deny to SONA rally as ‘violation of law and rights’

“With its scare-tactics, the PNP is only succeeding in showing the world that it is a notorious human rights violator. It affirms why the US Congress voted to deny aid for the PNP because of its terrible human rights record. Let the world see the brutality and intolerance of the PNP under a second Marcos regime.”

US Lower House amends bill prohibiting assistance to the Philippine police

Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild introduced the amendments to the NDAA, saying that “taxpayers dollars shouldn’t be used to supply weapons, training, or any other assistance to the state security forces that violently target political opponents.” By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat.com MANILA – The US House of Representatives passed July 14 amendments to the National…