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There is no Palestine-Israel conflict, only illegal occupation of Palestinian lands

It is dangerous to view the ongoing attacks as a mere “conflict”. History would teach us that the ongoing brutal crimes against the Palestinian people are because of the illegal occupation of their lands, ethnic cleansing of their people, and annexation of their territories by Israel state forces.

End the Nakba now

Since 1948, the people of Palestine have lost more than 85% of their land to Israel. The militarisation of the Israeli state has now confined them to a series of open-air prisons, in which the Israeli state routinely rehearses its cruel technologies of war — poisoning the soil, contaminating the water, and terrorising the people.

All that I owe (to the 70 years of the Palestinian struggle to return)*

To say that Palestine is in a “state of war” or “at war” is to obscure the fact that it has been occupied. The occupation of Palestine by Israel since 1948 is a state of war that breeds resistance. The terrorist tagging of Palestinians, the racism against the Arab people and the demonization of Islam are crucial to maintaining the architecture of a settler colonial state that now rides on western imperialist logic of accumulation of wealth by mass murder.

Filipinos join call to stop US-backed Israeli attacks on Gaza

MANILA – Artists, yoga practitioners and activists staged a solidarity action for the people of Palestine at the Boy Scout Circle, Timog ave., Quezon City, Aug. 7. Led by the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP), the protesters condemned the US-backed Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. To date, nearly 2,000 Palestinians have been killed.…