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Fr. Joe Dizon of Pagbabago said the recent exposé on corruption in the military is another test for the current administration. “This is a golden opportunity to show that he (President Aquino) is serious (in fighting corruption).”

Sidebar: Cash Handouts in the Philippine Military

NEWS RELEASE April 11, 2010 DAVAO CITY – After receiving reports that the military is conducting partisan electoral campaigning from among college students–campaigning directed against members of the progressive partylists, the Pagbabago, People’s Movement for Change – a People’s watchdog and leaders of different church groups urged the Commission on Election to investigate and bar…

The Arroyo government and its allies have been harassing their critics — political activists, human-rights advocates, journalists, government employees, workers, teachers, environmentalists, lawyers, to name some — with court cases that range from the frivolous to the absurd. Now, these victims of political persecution have banded together to fight back.