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State audit sought for Meralco’s past energy sales, purchases

The validation of such records “can lead to the correction of the distribution charges of Meralco to the residential and commercial customers.” By MARLO MADRIGAL Bulatlat.com MANILA — Consumer groups urged the government to review the finances of the country’s biggest electricity provider after finding a P66-billion discrepancy from its purchased supply. In a statement,…

Meralco burdens consumers already economically bruised by COVID-19 crises

“In the first place, it is unfair to charge consumers pass-on amounts for Meralco’s obligation to its suppliers. Secondly, averaging as a basis for billing is unreasonable and grossly and stressfully untransparent. Thirdly, Meralco cannot cite higher power generation cost because there have been no spikes in the global price of oil.”

The failed promises of privatization

By BENJIE OLIVEROS Bulatlat perspective Privatization, by whatever name – Build-Operate-Transfer or Public-Private Partnerships – was touted to be the solution to the inefficient, monopolistic management by government of public utilities and services. It was supposed to be the opposite of how the dictator Marcos monopolized and profited from basic utilities such as electricity, water,…