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Priorities? Palace gives go-signal to Tampakan mining amid COVID-19 surge

“Without missing a beat, we are now seeing what this Terror Law is for: to further exploit the natural resources of our country while silencing those who oppose it.” BY AARON MACARAEG Bulatlat.com MANILA– Amid surging number of COVID-19 cases, President Rodrigo Duterte has approved to “restore” the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) of the Tampakan…

Why the PH gov’t should leave Lumad sanctuaries alone

“Jesus Christ, himself, taught us to provide protection to his flock, away from wolves and robbers who seek to come and destroy.“ By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO Bulatlat.com MANILA – As the democratic space continues to shrink in the Philippines, sanctuaries for the marginalized and the persecuted have been under siege. Bolo-wielding members of paramilitary…

From fishing villages to Lumad sanctuaries, a war against nature continues to be waged

As with the Haran standoff and the tensions in Taliptip, state security forces were linked to at least 57 percent of the victims we recorded. It must be thus questioned why the military and other state security forces are zeroing in on these areas, with crosshairs trained at defenders. Are these really peace and order operations, or deadly investment guarantees?