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By RAYMUND B. VILLANUEVA / Kodao Productions / Bulatlat.com

I was caught in the middle of a gunfight that lasted hours in Tugaya, Lanao del Sur while covering the country’s first-ever automated elections. I don’t know if being ‘caught in the middle’ is a correct description because I was there as a journalist and had prior knowledge that that town is a poll hotspot. But I use it nonetheless because I did not want the gunfight to happen, much less witness it up close.

BY EMILY VITAL BULATLAT May 25,2007 – 3:46 p.m. Election watchdog Kontra Daya has sent a team to Lanao del Sur to observe the special elections on Saturday. Led by Emmie de Jesus, one of the Kontra Daya convenors, the six-person team left for Lanao del Sur early morning, Friday. Nitz Mahinay serves as the…