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Letter to the Editor Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment March 11, 2012 Disclaimer | What you are reading is either a press release/ statement or a manifesto. These materials do not go through our editorial process and do not reflect our policy or position. The world is not divided between pro-mining and anti-mining camps…

Even if Aquino manages to get a bigger share in the mining firms’ declared profits, it would be nothing compared to the mining firms’ profits and worth of ‘plundered’ wealth.

Letter to the Editor 14 October 2011 The Philippines has historically endured gross environmental destruction caused by mining plunder: from the recorded 1982 Maricalum mining disaster in Negros Occidental, 1996 Marcopper mine-tailings dam collapse in Marinduque, 2005 Lafayette toxic spill in Albay, to the latest 2007 TVI Pacific mine-tailings spill in Zamboanga del Norte. Likewise,…

“It is very alarming that the Aquino government opts to collude with mining firms and multinationals in implementing a military solution in order to continue operations and pursue profits at the expense of our communities.” – Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan