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On heroism and the duty to stand up vs tyranny

“The ugly head of tyranny, lies and deceit has raised itself in the most difficult of times as we find ourselves in a pandemic of massive disinformation and historical distortion never seen before in Philippine political history.” Historical distortion, he stressed, “must be confronted with historical truth. Historical wrongs should be rectified by justice in the Bangsamoro as well as in the rest of the country.”

Ferdinand Marcos: The hero that never was

  Five years ago today, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was given a hero’s burial, much to the dismay of the victims of martial law. Bulatlat compiled stories on the horrors of martial law. Let the dead bury their dead “Cemetery of Heroes” is the English translation of “Libingan ng mga Bayani,” where burying the remains of…

‘Shameless’ | Bongbong’s presidential bid a spit on the graves of martial law victims – groups

“Last weeks’ Sandiganbayan ruling ordering the return of the Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth worth more than P100 million ($1.9 million) that was deposited by former Traders Royal Bank is but a small showcase of the largesse and greed of the Marcoses. His bid will undoubtedly be funded through the plundered funds from the nation’s coffers from the time of his father’s dictatorship.”