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Mother, teacher, lawmaker | France Castro finds time to help son’s distance learning

Last week, Bulatlat’s very own Martin’s Purrspective came up with a comic strip on how students, mothers, and teachers are faring on the first week of the ongoing distance learning. But what happens when the mother is also a teacher and a lawmaker batting for the rights of Filipino students and teachers?

IN-DEPTH: Public education sector, neglected even more in the time of pandemic

With the pandemic still raging on, the crisis in the Philippine educational system has been further exposed. Instead of addressing the concerns of the education sector, the Duterte administration has chosen to neglect it even more by not providing enough budget for distance learning.

No sufficient budget for distance learning

“This is an injudicious handling of the people’s coffers, seeing as how the state’s insufficient funding will further deprive millions their constitutionally granted right to accessible and quality education, while education workers will be subjected to unsafe working conditions and forced to again make up for shortages.”