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Progressives denounce disinformation, remember 37th year of Marcos Sr. ouster

“Despite his attempts to rehabilitate his family’s image, Bongbong Marcos’ inutility as president, onerous economic policies, his waste and misuse of public funds, his puppetry to US and Chinese interests, and his perpetuation of his father’s fascist policies and that of Duterte’s cause the Filipino people to remember the dark days of dictatorship and urge…

Citizens criticize Marcos Jr.’s absence in hardest hit areas, low budget for disaster response

“With the increasing threats of climate change President Marcos Jr. said that this is included in his top priorities. Yet he cuts the budget on departments that address this issue, we are slapped on our face by the inutility of this regime to increase their intelligence and confidential funds,” scientists group AGHAM said.

Church people endorse VP Leni as president

“With our current political-economic turmoil and the pandemic situation in the Philippines, we firmly believe that Vice President Leni Robredo, a God-fearing person, is the most capable candidate for the Presidency, and we urge our constituents, if possible, to consider the same.”