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By SIDLANGAN NATIVIDAD Bulatlat.com MANILA – Daisy Paborada, a farmer, 41, and her late spouse had once ploughed their share of the 520-hectare ancestral domain along with the rest of the Higaonon tribe. Since 2003, the Paborada family had enjoyed their simple and peaceful life. In February 2011, A. Brown Palm Company, Inc. seized the…

Their land and means of livelihood were taken away from them, their culture trampled upon, all in the name of public-private partnerships and foreign corporate interests.

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By INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO Bulatlat.com As the debate on biofuels and whether or not it is an effective alternative source of energy to mitigate the impact of climate change continues to rage, the effect of converting thousands of hectares into biofuel plantations is already being felt. Agrarian reform advocates and patriotic scientist and environmental…