Journalists harassed, threatened by armed men while covering demolition

At least 12 men, all with guns and wearing bonnets, forced their way inside the gates during the demolition. One of the men pointed a gun at Rowena “Weng” Quejada and told her to stop taking videos. The armed men proceeded to forcibly take her cellphone and bag, including all her IDs and her wallet which contained cash.

Int’l groups urge Marcos Jr. to solve 13-year long murder of environmental journalist

“We are here today to urge and call upon President Marcos Jr.’s administration and the law enforcement agency to act upon this crucial piece of information and to immediately arrest the mastermind on Ortega’s murder. It’s time to say enough is enough.”

Significance of the country visit of UN SR for free expression and opinion to the PH

Human rights group emphasized the importance UN Special Rapporteur’s visit, adding that this is the chance to show the international community that all is not well in the Philippines, and how current government policies, laws and programs have led to killings and various forms of human rights violations.