Month: September 2023

Farmers seek higher palay procurement fund, more measures against agri smuggling

“There is an urgency to reinstate NFA’s functions that were removed by the Rice Liberalization Law. Only then can the NFA have an influence on the local rice industry that is now dominated by the private sector. One of the priorities now is to be able to lower the price of rice and to make it affordable.”

Ombudsman absolves cops, jail officers in Baby River Nasino case

“Reprimands against few government officials charged in the said cases can be viewed as mere slaps on the wrists, considering the sufferings endured by Nasino and NUPL and the gravity of the offenses. Full accountability for those responsible in violating their rights can be hardly gleaned from these decisions.” – Karapatan

At Ground Level | 51 years of impunity: legacy of martial law

“It was a period of unmitigated tyranny and corruption in our history that we must never forget and, more importantly, must never allow to happen again.” That was the core message – reflected on t-shirts, flyers, placards and streamers – that human rights defenders reiterated as protesters across the nation once more recalled Ferdinand Marcos…