Month: May 2019

Move on? Move forward instead for clean elections, watchdogs say

On top of coercive activities of the police and military forcing the people not to vote for the opposition and the progressives, on top of humongous campaign ads of administration bets, the automated election system itself can and may have been used to spew vote “results” in favor of the administration bets, particularly at the national level.

Advocates slam fast tracking of 2 ‘anti-children’ bills

“We are very much enraged! The Duterte government has been consistently violating children’s rights from poverty, neglect of social services, ‘Oplan Tokhang’ to incarceration of children in conflict with the law and now they are militarizing schools and teaching children and youth to be blind followers.”

Continuing questions on automated elections

The proclamation by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) of the winners in the senatorial and partylist elections held on May 13 may have been generally accepted by the public. However, many questions persist on the conduct of the electoral campaign (massive vote buying/selling, blatant Comelec rules violations, among others) and on the reliability and credibility…